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Individual Sessions

2 hour session

Start with this inital 2 hour session or choose one of the packages below.
two hour session $295

1 hour session

Here you can purchase one hour follow up sessions individually or choose one of the packages below.
one hour follow-up session $150


Jump Start

We can begin clearing your peace list with this four hour package.
four (1 hour) sessions $580($20 Savings)


You can begin to let go of limiting beliefs as we continue clearing your peace list with this six hour package.
six (1 hour) sessions $860($40 Savings)

Deep Change

As your perceptions begin to shift, major changes can occur with this eight hour package.
eight (1 hour) sessions $1,120($80 Savings)


By rewriting memories, many of my clients have achieved amazing transformations with this ten hour package.
ten (1 hour) sessions $1,340($160 Savings)

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