Client Comments

Success Stories

Hi Vivien, feeling an almost overwhelming wave of gratitude this evening. Colors seem brighter and the world seems friendlier and we only just tapped this morning. Can't wait for our next session.

— Prudence T. Costa Rica

Vivien, I wanted to thank you for the Faster EFT sessions I received over the last five weeks which has literally changed my life. I decided to look at Faster EFT and join the practitioner program as I had read all the books/attended seminars that were supposed to fast forward me to greatness and change and none of them gave me the formula. Working with you is one of the best decisions I made and am grateful I found you. The sessions I have had with you put things into perspective and created the shifts I needed to make healthy changes and this has motivated me to keep going and to keep tapping. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am transforming and have let go of memories I thought I was stuck with. I can never be the same person I was all because of the knowledge and wisdom you have so graciously shared. Thank you.

— Penelope R. London, UK

Dear Vivien, It is so wonderful to have connected with you as a friend and Faster EFT practitioner. My trusting in the Law of Attraction brought me to you. You have been the perfect Faster EFT practitioner for me. In addition to your being an articulate student of the process you have an intuitive patience about you. You allow the process to unfold as the client presents their needs. We've worked on many issues with great resolution. I came to you in turmoil and now I'm at peace. Thank you so much.

— VC., Illinois

I do tapping on my own and get good results but I also feel that for bigger more complex issues it really helps to work with a trained practitioner. My sister recommended Vivien and I am very glad she did. What I like is that Vivien brainstorms with you at the beginning and makes a list of the issues to cover during the session and she really makes sure that you get through them. Of course other things invariably come up and then we cleared those also. Vivien provides focus and a kind, compassionate presence. Booking a session (or a series of sessions) with Vivien is the best gift you can give yourself.

— Anne H. Ireland

I've had a number of sessions of Faster EFT with Vivien Mehler and I find her work to be very thorough and effective. She has helped me reduce pain in my back as well as deal with some difficult emotional issues. Vivien has a very healing presence and you feel safe and confident each time she works with you. Her loving heart shines through and through. With gratitude for the good work you do.

— David W. Ph.D. Florida

Vivien Mehler is an excellent Faster EFT practitioner! She has a keen ability to get to the heart of difficult and stuck issues, and then help you release them for good. Her deep concern and love for people is evident by the results she helps you achieve. Thank you Vivien!

— Randy G. Florida

As a true believer and one who practices Faster EFT, I never miss an opportunity to "Tap"! Whether I'm stuck in traffic (usually when I'm passing the LaGuardia airport) or at a stoplight if I'm in need of some form of relief (headache, body-ache, indigestion, skin irritation or inflammation, etc.) the thought will just "pop" into my head to "Tap"! it's simple and the benefits are immeasurable!
Vivien Mehler has opened my eyes to the concept of self-healing and also to her ability to help me in pinpointing life experiences that we tap together in order to free me of the "emotional" bonds/ties/scars that we attach to ourselves throughout our lives.

— Patrick T. New York City

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Vivien as a practitioner. She helped me so much with my inability to let go and forgive.

— Dori W. Washington State