The Placebo Effect

You may have heard the word placebo used in a negative way, “Oh that’s just a placebo”. But, doesn’t the placebo effect really demonstrate the minds amazing ability to heal the body?

Faster EFT is a universal healing system that utilizes this mind-body connection to address the thought process and how it affects the body. With Faster EFT you learn how to take conscious control of your unconscious mind. While tapping on certain acupressure points as you aim at a problem you can release what you don’t want.

Robert G. Smith, a leading expert in stress relief and healing, took the best aspects of traditional EFT, NLP, and BSFF and created Faster EFT Emotionally Focused Transformations. He has over 900 YouTube videos about Faster EFT.

Robert’s Youtube Channel

Robert says, “Memories buried alive never die”. Buried alive means tucked away with all the emotions still attached. We have internal recorded information that expresses in a physical way.

For example, I have a friend who had been in a car accident. Every time he came to an intersection while driving, he would start to feel anxious and his body would tighten up.

This is how we create problems. We think a certain way based on recorded information, and then we use this information to create our problems. The mind makes it seem real by creating emotions that we feel in our bodies. When we let go of negative emotions and transform how we represent the past, physical health can be restored.

I have witnessed almost magical transformations in my clients using Faster EFT. From allergies to emotional traumas, from phobias to cravings, I’ve seen profound changes happen quickly and easily.